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Judith Lanius



Judith Lanius spent many years as an art historian and a jewelry designer in the nation’s capital before returning to photography. Largely self-taught, she studied with Washington photographers Eliot Cohen and Mark Power. The visual awareness reflected in her photographs is enhanced by her trained eye developed from working in the art field.
Judith successfully combines her professional talents with the experience of living abroad. An inveterate traveler from childhood, the appeal of people and cultures of other countries is a theme that runs through her photographic work. She is drawn to the less visited areas of the world — such as the traditional communities of southeastern Morocco and tribal villages in India. She creates elegant and expressive fine art prints of her portraits and landscapes. Her prints are available through her studio or online.
In addition, Judith’s vision is captured in the creation of fine art photography books. Her first book was Rissani: Morocco’s Gateway to the Sahara ( The photographs focus on Rissani, a small town adjacent to the Sahara, and their subjects are the people, the quotidian life of the town, the surrounding dwellings and the haunting beauties of the Sahara. Her most recent publication Encountering the Journey (Hidden Leaves) is a set of highly personal portraits captured in moments of connection with the people of Northeast India. From momentary and intimate encounters, her meditative portraits capture expression and gesture in adults and children. The collected photo-
graphs provide insights into the unknowable mystery of India.